Hydraulic Repair Services

Repair and Maintenance of cylinders and pumps

We offer all types of hydraulic repair services.

Reducing Downtime

Mechanical parts are an essential component of most daily operations in every field. Whilst manufacturers are dedicated to increasing their parts’ durability, the sheer amount of use makes them susceptible to Wear & Tear.

Proactively planning maintenance and repairs, can greatly reduce your downtime and general costs associated with unexpected failures.  We can help you assess your parts, plan for maintenance or fix them. 

Efficient & Professional Repairs

Our shop team’s practical know-how in combination with the support of our engineering experts makes for optimal assessments and solution providing. 

Our extensive experience in servicing & repairing hydraulic cylinders, pumps and motors allows for swift, yet precise assessments & interventions. If it can be fixed, consider it done, otherwise we can advise on the best course of action to suit your specific needs and circumstances.


Services Provided:
  • Testing hydraulic cylinders
  • Cylinder resealing and testing
  • Replacing cylinder tubes
  • Replacing cylinder rods
  • Hydraulic Seal Kits (Aftermarket & OEM)
  • Honing equipment
  • Re-build control valves
  • 90’ length – 21” diameter (or call us)
  • Portable line boring
  • Portable key way cutting
Distribution of new cylinders and pumps

We have partnered with the best in the industry to offer our customers the best solutions to their needs.

The Geartek name has become synonymous with quality, delivery, and service.  Geartek pumps and motors are designed and manufactured to combine the reliability and economical features of external gear design with modern engineering and materials to produce true pressure ratings up to 4000 psi.

As official distributors in Canada for Power Jacks, a British design and manufacturing company specializing in electro-mechanical actuation, lifting, and positioning, we can assist you in navigating through their broad range of Screw Jacks, Linear Actuators, Lead Screws, Bevel Gearboxes and Jacking Systems to help you identify the best solution to your specific needs.

LMS specializes in the design and manufacture, rental and sales of load monitoring equipment for industrial applications across many industry sectors worldwide.

Their products are engineered to the highest standards, defined by quality, strength and reliability and used globally for a wide variety of applications, across many industry sectors including Oil & Gas, Marine, Subsea, Decommissioning, Construction, Mining, Wind Energy, Aquaculture & Entertainment.

Mailhot Industries has developed a wide range of hydraulic cylinders designed for specific applications and working environments.  Each cylinder is designed with the customer’s needs in mind, using state of the art technology and innovation.

Telescopic cylinders

Mailhot differentiates their telescopic cylinders from the competition by offering exceptional durability via their patented ARCOR salt bath nitriding process. They are the only North American manufacturer to offer this value added feature to our telescopic cylinders. Explore their wide range of different designs, attachment configurations and application oriented products that outlast the competition.