Product Engineering

ProForma has worked with national and international clients to develop high end maintenance and construction tooling subject to strict codes of design and construction. ProForma has also assisted manufacturers in the design and development of:

  • Hoppers and silos (both grain and sand) with code calculations to international standards and detailed Finite Element Analysis
  • Atmospheric storage tanks to API 650, 620 and other international codes
  • Production drawings
  • Improved component efficiency to reduce the weight and associated costs of production
  • Highway equipment
  • Pressure vessel and equipment to the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (Pressure Vessels to Division 1 and Division 2)

Finite Element Analysis

ProForma has an Enterprise ANSYS 17 Mechanical for linier and non-linier FEA analysis and design certification for parts. Ranging from Heavily Loaded simple parts to complex assemblies.

Hoppers and Silos

ProForma has designed grain bins and frac sand silos to international codes of construction. Simple hopper and cone bottom cylindrical bins and complex rectangular bins with offset discharge chutes have all been successfully designed in this office.

Atmospheric Storage Tanks

API 12F, API 650, and API 620 tank design for both shop and field erect tanks.

Highway Equipment

We have designed rolling chassis and equipment for highway haulage manufacturers.

Jigs and Fixtures

ProForma has designed and assisted in the design of fixtures or equipment for lifting, rotation, assembly or adjusting the welding position of parts in the manufacturing sector.

Pressure Equipment and Devices

Complex and often proprietary equipment designed to ASME VIII Division 2