Hoppers and Silos

ProForma has designed grain bins and frac sand silos to international codes of construction.  Simple hopper and cone bottom cylindrical bins and complex rectangular bins with offset discharge chutes have all been successfully designed in this office.

There are many international standards for the bulk storage of granular solids such as grain, fertilizer, aggregate, or sand for the oil and gas fraction industry (frac. sand storage). We have brought these standards in house from Europe Australia, Great Britain and the USA together with many papers on the subject of forces on structures induced by granular material. We have used this information to develop hand calculations to speed the design process. We have then built FEA (link) simulations to verify or improve those calculations.  The FEA has also allowed non linear confirmation of extreme loading failure modes.

We use these tools to the benefit of our clients and for the development of:

Confidence in the structural integrity of complex designs to ensure no issues with delivered equipment.

Reduction in the amount of steel or thickness required to have that confidence in order to reduce manufacturing costs.

Modification of arrangements of joints or legs to reduce complexity and make manufacturing more simple.

Propose and work with clients to develop fixtures to assist in welding, painting or assembling of equipment.