Certified fabrication of structural
steel components (CWB Division 1)

With over 6000 square feet of certified fabrication and repair space, fully serviced for welding, milling & machining,  our shop has complete CWB Division 1 certification for the fabrication of structural steel components in accordance with the rules of CSA S16. We have a number of CWB certified weld procedures for the welding of structural steel and we continue to look for opportunities to expand our offerings.

Certified fabrication of pressure equipment

In Canada, a “Certificate of Authorization” is required for companies and organizations involved in construction, fabrication, manufacturing, installation, operation, repair or alterations and maintenance of boiler, pressure vessel, and high-pressure piping systems, pressure equipment or other associated products.

The high-quality and durability of our fabrication projects is the result of working with a Certificate of Authorization for the fabrication of pressure equipment from the Office of the Fire Commissioner in accordance with CSA B51, in combination with our own welding program for pressure equipment and repairs in accordance with ASME IX and the ASME BPVC.

Transport Canada Certification

Canadian regulations require Facility registration with Transport Canada (TC) for companies & organizations involved in the construction, fabrication, manufacturing, modification, repair, inspection & testing of highway tanks and portable tanks for the transportation of dangerous goods.

Our repair & fabrication shop is certified with Transport Canada for the installation, fabrication, modification, inspection and repair of TC-60 portable pressure vessels, in accordance with CSA B620.

Full-Cycle in-house Product development: Certified portable Natural Gas Odorant tank