Forensic Engineering & Fitness For Service

Forensic or Pre-emptive Assessments

Failure of metallic components may be caused by a variety of factors, such as fatigue, stress overload, creep, corrosion, poor design or fabrication, and more. Whether you need to understand what went wrong, or whether you need to assess the state of your equipment to determine what needs to be done, our team’s long-standing experience in forensic engineering and failure analysis guarantees in-depth, time-efficient analyses and results. 

Advanced Analytical Tools 

Thanks to our experienced team of metallurgical and mechanical engineers, supported by advanced analytical engineering tools (Finite Element Analysis) as well as capacity for testing and inspection of physical parts, we can deliver in-depth fracture mechanical and fatigue analyses and solutions for any complex industrial components and structures.

Areas of expertise:
  • Cranes, Trailers & Lifting Equipment
  • Oil & Gas Industries and In-Service Repair Procedures (e.g., Pipeline, piping & pressure vessels)
  • Manufacturing & Mining Equipment
  • Storage Tanks & Transport Canada Highway & Portable Tanks
  • Steel & Aluminum Structures
  • Agricultural Structures & Equipment
Forensic Engineering: Highway Equipment Failure Investigation

We were involved in investigating the sudden failure of highway equipment, including the complete field studies following by design and fabrication review.
The investigation was completed with the fractography and metallurgical analysis of the cracked and broken samples as well as stress analysis with Finite Element Analysis.

Flaw Assessment: In-service Hoist Fitness Service Analysis (crack growth)

Our customer needed to assess the usability of this drum as the main hoist presented a crack.
We were able to run a failure analysis while the hoist remained in-service using Finite Element Analysis.