Engineering Product Development

We provide assistance with engineering product development and equipment design.
If you have designed a product prototype or tested a successful addition to your product fleet, we can assist in the design development. 

Scaling to new sizes

If you have a single size of equipment that has been designed & you need additional sizes based on an identifiable set of rules, we can design & prepare all manufacturing documentation needed for the fabrication of those additional sizes.

Review & Compliance

If you have a component assembly or equipment that has been certified in one jurisdiction, we can review it against local codes to ensure it complies with a different jurisdiction.

Manufacturing Localization

We can modify equipment manufactured in Europe or the East  to allow for North American manufacture. This can include sheet thickness adjustments from mm to inch, north American steel standards and equivalencies, or weld symbols and weld considerations in fabrications.

Concept & Patent Development

If you have a general concept or patent, we are able to turn your ideas into reality by developing that design into a functioning product through our engineering design program.

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