Pressure Vessel & Piping Welding

International Regulations

Pressure vessels, piping, pipelines, equipment and components are mainly designed and built in accordance with ASME, API and CSA codes and standards which require that Welding/Brazing Procedure Specifications (WPS/BPSs) be qualified through Procedure Qualification Testing (PQR). Each PQR can support WPSs within the range of Essential Variables of the Code or Standard that the PQR is performed to.

Canadian Regulations

In Canada, pressure welding/brazing procedures and welder/brazer qualification must be evaluated and approved at a provincial level, by the local Authorization body. Only companies that have been awarded a province-specific “Certificate of Authorization” can perform Code related work on pressure piping or pressure equipment.

Seamless Process Management

Thanks to our extensive working knowledge of a comprehensive list of national and international codes and standards, we produce efficient PQR testing designs, optimized for the broadest possible range of essential variables, resulting in considerable savings in terms of weld procedure application costs.

Our team of experienced professionals will lead you through the different stages of WPS/BPS development, from customer requirement finalization, managing the document creation and lab testing phases, all the way to the final submission to the required provincial authorization body for approval.

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